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We offer our clients an array of innovative advertising solutions. Here you would find details and specifications on all ad units present on our group sites!

Why Advertise with Shree Travels?

If you are thinking of advertising on the Net today to gain a competitive advantage and build mind-share, whom do you go to and which sites do you patronise? Do you seek to target segment who is interested in travelling in your advertisement? If so, your target is our market. Thinking of making your brand available to thousands of eye balls, think of us. is India’s premiere travel portal and is dedicated for providing customized travelling solutions to people who are interested in travelling. We cover the whole range of services like travel desk, information on various places, hotels, restaurants, where to visit and many more…

Our Products

– Banner Advertisements.
– Premier Listings.

Banner Advertisements: Through our banner advertising you get all the benefits of a pre-qualified and targeted audience at very competitive pricing. All formats are accepted (i.e. gif/jpeg/swf) with size 30 KB or less.

Ad Specifications 

ID Banner Location Banner Size * Allowed Formats
1 Bottom Premier Banner 468 x 60 pixels gif/jpeg  (20kb)
2 Left Banner 160 x 300 pixels gif/jpeg  (20kb)

Premier Listings: Add your company as ‘Premier Listed’ in our special section.Campaign Submission Guidelines:

– Source files (.fla) & fonts used in the creative is in flash format must be submitted with creative for any campaign to go LIVE.

– FLASH creatives should be ONE loop of 8 seconds with a REPLAY button.

– All creatives have to meet the format and size guidelines as per the Ad Specification section.

– All flash creatives MUST be backed up by gif files so that in case of flash creative not working gif file can be uploaded.

– Creatives/Banners should have the title name in all small letters & no spaces & hyphens.

– Avoid capital letter use small letters only.

– Landing page URL: Should be a domain name of an active site & not an IP address.

Terms & Conditions:

– The allotment of advertisement slots will be on first come first serve basis. In case of ad slot already booked allotment will be done on rotation basis.

– The advertisement rates can be revised by management at any point of time.

– Confirmations for advertisement contract is subject to availability at the time of order.

– All the advertisement services will attract applicable tax charges on the final billing amount.

– The prices do not include agency commission.

– You can provide up to 2 different banner creatives for any slot.

– Authenticity of advertisement contents is sole responsibility of advertiser. We do not take any responsibility for the disputes that may arise.

– Order will be treated confirmed only after issuance of purchase order along with the initial payment.

– Designing the Banners & creatives will be charged extra.

Rate Card

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